Geothermie in Nederland en Duitsland

frank-en-clausTijdens het Nationaal Warmte Congres werden ontzettend veel vragen gesteld aan de experts op het podium. Zoveel vragen, dat deze helaas niet allemaal op de dag zelf beantwoord konden worden. Reden genoeg dus om onze sprekers na afloop nog eens te vragen naar hun reactie!

Uw vragen aan Frank Schoof, Voorzitter Platform Geothermie en Claus Heske, International Geothermal Centre, Deutschland:

What are the short and long term risks of oil, gas, coal?

“This question is interesting and has been the subject of a long debate and will probably continue to be for a long period. I suggest people look elsewhere to find the answers to this question.”

What is the average COP of geothermal energy in Germany? Are there safety risks?

“Risks are to be judged in comparison with the alternatives. Safety normally refers to persons/people. There are no personal risks. (Other than ‘normal’ risks when working in or on an industrial installation.)”

What are the environmental risks short and long term?

“Risks are to be judged in comparison with the alternatives. When drilling care has to be taken not to pollute groundwater. During the operational phase seismic events may occur that can, in exceptional cases, be felt at ground-level. This has not occurred in The Netherlands. Subsidence is a phenomenon that is improbable to happen (due to the fact that no matter is extracted). Pollution of ground-water is possible if the well-integrity is not properly maintained and monitored.”

How to prevent that geothermal gets the same opposition as shale gas?

“By going into dialog and by communicating. There is not a clear path one party can decide to follow, it is a joint route to find out what is acceptable for all parties.”

Why is there not more geothermal energy in Germany (also question for NL)? How can we speed up?

“This is a question that can be answered very elaborately. The short answer however is: It is for many an unknown heat-source that needs more promotion. Also alignment with other sectors like drinking-water companies is important. Furthermore, it is not easy in the built environment to find customers, with or without the heat coming from geothermal sources. Deep geothermal (5 kilometers or more) is necessary for industrial heat. This requires a national approach.”

How long can we use a source?

“The lifetime of a well is calculated to be 30 -40 years. The lifetime may be longer if well-condition and aquifer-condition permit it. Or shorter if they don’t.”

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