“Big Data is enabling innovation” – MapR technologies talks about the impact of Big Data

MapR Technologies over de de ontwikkeling van Big data

What is the impact of Big Data for both organisations and customers?

In today’s competitive environment, companies are faced with the challenge of creating value from a growing influx of data and converting this data into insights that matter. Exponential growth of data through digitisation, as well as data generated in much larger volumes by machines, sensors and social media,are allredefininghoworganisations uncover new revenue streams andinteractwith their customers.A big data architecture can bring about a total transformation of the organization by reshaping and disrupting existing business models, introducing new alternatives for customers and businesses, as well as new delivery models andnew value propositions.Bigdata is enabling innovation.

What are the possibilities of Big Data for organisations? And what about Small Data?

Enabling big data applications for both operational and analytical use cases is the cornerstone for data-centric businesses. Thisenablescompanies to optimise their business model to become more competitive and profitable through streamliningtheir processes and increasinginsight in their business. Understanding individual customers throughsmalldata will help them to better develop new products and support customers across different channels.

What are the main possibilities of Big Data for organisations within the finance sector?

Financial services organisations around the world are experiencing drastic change. Financial sector companies realise that in order to thrive in a market that has changed so dramatically, they need to be able to improve their operational efficiencies, detect fraud quicker and more accurately, model and manage their risk, and reduce customer churn. To accomplish this, financial services firms are turning to big data technologies and Hadoop to reduce risk, analyse fraud patterns, identify rogue traders, more precisely target their marketing campaigns based on customer segmentation, and improve customer satisfaction.

If you meet you on the first of April in 2020, what has been changed regarding Big Data?

Companies will rely on their big data architecture to empower their “as-it-happens” business. Instead of just looking at what happened in the past, they’ll will be able to rely on their big data architecture and innovations in Apache Hadoop for real-time access to data. They’ll be able to understand what they can do to affect change within their company in the moment, as it happens. Organizations will build and rely on robust, operational big data applications to help them speed their journey to true business value.

MapR is partner van Euroforum en zal spreken tijdens hetcongresBig Data in de Financiële sector.

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