Digital signatures (re-) invented: 5 value-adding features

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Today, almost everyone has heard of the convenience of putting digital signatures on a contract or any other type of digital document and many have even experienced it. As digital signature solutions become more widely accepted, software providers are attempting to secure market share by distinguishing themselves from their competitors. They do this by focusing on a specific aspect of the digital signing process.

Some providers offer a multi-channel experience by providing smartphone and tablet applications for digitally signing. Others are more concerned with crafting a uniquely intuitive user experience for their users. Whilst still other suppliers have chosen to stand out by adhering to strict security standards for their solution.

But let´s take one step back and return to the essence of digital signatures. They were once introduced to completely replace traditional signatures and as a result to remove paper from everyday processes such as signing contracts, onboarding new customers or legally registering consent and approval. The ultimate reason for companies to integrate digital signatures is to be able to conduct any kind of business transaction anywhere, anytime on any device. By focusing on just one of these aspects and adopting a niche-approach, many digital signature solution providers are starting to lose sight of the bigger picture.

Read the full article and discover the five improtant needs within the financial services-, government- and insurance industry with regard to electronic signatures or better put, ‘digital signatures’. 

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