Manufacturers use solutions from world’s biggest adhesives producer

Adhesives from Henkel: A Recipe for Safety and Success in the Food and Packaging Machine Industry

More than 177 billion liters of milk, juice and other beverages – even some wines – were sold to customers last year in a simple box, the famous liquid carton. Around 173 billion of these cartons were filled by one of the 8,700 filling machines in use around the world, many of which were built using adhesives and sealants from Henkel.

Henkel develops solutions for food processing and packaging manufacturers. Starting from the subcomponent manufacturing stage, Henkel offers sustainable and cost-efficient guard manufacturing systems.

For instance, safety and inspection windows can be simultaneously assembled and sealed using fast-cure flexible adhesives that do not require a primer and are free from toxic chemicals. Lighter panels and doors can also be manufactured without compromising their mechanical strength by using new designs that allow more balanced and efficient load transfer. These methods are well known in other industries, for example elevator and even aircraft manufacturing, which benefit from significant production and transportation cost savings.

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