Globally emerging markets are the challenge

The keynote speaker on our conference, Emma Lindley, has been essential in the development of the UK digital identity market since 2003. Because of her broad knowledge in e-Identity, we asked her some questions about her view on Identity in the Benelux.

Emma in short:

  • Founder, Innovate identity 2012
  • Innovate Finance Powerlist for Woman in Fintech 2016
  • Know Identity Top 100 Leaders in Identity 2017
  • CEO of the Year at the One World Identity Awards


What do you think about the digital implementation of identity in the Benelux?

Emma starts talking right away about the open market our government created for identity services. We have public and private players in the field of identity. The fact that there is competition and collaboration between these organisations, means that the market can move into new innovation. To create a field in innovation, is a big advantage compared to other countries that may only have limited services. The open market, collaboration and to initiate innovation makes is possible to create and implement the best design software services on how to solve problems on identity.

Globally emerging markets are the challenge

Globally, eID is and will be a challenge in the future. African and Asian markets have different approaches and if we eventually create a framework or scheme that can be used globally, other problems will rise. Some people can’t even be identified because they are not known in the system. This means that we still have a long way to go before it is possible to emerge globally.

Cross border we still face the problem of interoperability, markets can’t emerge with each other. Even if we find a way to make a scheme that can be used globally, the threats will increase. Data leaks, identity fraud, etc. Certain is that we are not ahead of things. Someone, somewhere has to pay for it.

A look into the future of eID

On January 25th Emma will elaborate more on the insights into how a globally interoperable identity scheme might develop. Emma has a profound knowledge of what globally happens, so she can give a good overview on the trends in e-Identity.

Emma’s identity

Our international keynote speaker for the e-Identity conference on Thursday 25th January 2018 is Emma Lindley, founder of Innovate Identity. Emma’s story in identity started about 15 years ago. As when Emma was working for GB, a company in data marketing technology, things were about to change. A new business develop director researched the current market and came back with the new big thing. The next big thing turned out to be Identity. Emma was assigned to the team building a market for a new identity. Paper processes like passports and drivers licenses needed to be reproduced in an electronical process for banks, gambling sites and telecom services.

Having taken the step to another company in payments services, Emma eventually went back to GB. This time in global services. Simultaneously she studied for an MBA in Business and wrote her thesis about how things might change when identification would be completely digitalised. Her research aimed to the conclusion that identity would change radically, some markets, like the Scandinavian Markets already made the first steps in changing their systems.

After finishing her thesis, she saw an opportunity and in 2012 she set up Innovate identity. A consulting company in identity. They consult for big companies like Barclays, British Airways and MasterCard, but also help set up identity processes at small fintech startups. Emma refers to her clientele in the “old and the new”. When she consults about identity in the “old” world it means that she improves the identity process in, for example, payment services. With the help of technology and new regulations she tries to enhance the client’s customer experience. As she said herself it is not just to make a secure service, but also to create the best customer experience”.

“We do not make just a secure service, but also make the best customer experience”

Her clientele that needs consulting in the “new” world is mostly about how to create new ways on identity, thinking out of the box. An example is how to can innovate the process of booking a flight and how to keep this secure. In this area of expertise it is all about how to change things for the better if you want to digitalise them.

e-Identity Congres

Op 25 januari 2018 vindt de 3e editie plaats van het e-Identity congres.Met dit jaar veel aandacht voor de nieuwe AVG en het uitrollen van de eIDAS verordening. Laat u op deze dag  inspireren, maar neem vooral de lessons learned mee naar uw eigen organisatie. Meer informatie over het congres?

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