The future of energy volgens John Di Stasio

We are in the midst of a transition fueled by environmental policy, technology and consumer expectation. We are moving from heavy reliance on fossil fuels to lower carbon alternatives. We are moving from a central station one-way system to a distributed two way system. And we are moving from a limited relationship with consumers to a multi-faceted relationship based on consumer preference.

To make this transition effectively the regulatory paradigm must change. Utility obligations and incentives need to be aligned with a different reality.

Environmental policy outcomes being sought need to be clear and coordinated – greenhouse gas emissions, renewables, energy independence, competition, markets, jobs

Interconnection policies and rates need to reflect a changing utility role and alignment of costs with the benefits and burdens of new technology. Value needs to increase based on sound economics not cost shifting.

Consumer choice needs to be transparent and core expectations of reliability, data privacy and cyber protection must be maintained. Opportunities for leverage and synergy need to occur across sectors such as transportation and industry. A smarter digital grid needs to be developed to maximize customer choice while maintaining reliability

Navigating this transition in an integrated and comprehensive way has been our strategy attending to all of these dynamics.

Auteur: John Di Stasio,General Manager en CEO, Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), wereldwijd erkend als leider in hernieuwbare en duurzame energie, energie-efficiëntie en handhaving van de klanttevredenheid

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Op 27 maart 2014 is John Di Stasio spreker op het congres “Het energiesysteem van de toekomst“. Dit is een congres van de makers van Het Nationaal Energie Forum. Hij verteld u hier alles over: “The energy corporation of the future”.

Bekijk het congresprogramma.

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